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November 3, 2014

Email Marketing

6 Fail-Proof Ways to Grow a Healthy Email Subscriber List

email subscriber list

Struggling to grow your email list? You’re not alone. Out of a number of commonly shared challenges email marketers face, the one that is virtually universal is the never-ending quest to cultivate a thriving email subscriber list. But it’s not such …

September 19, 2013

Email Marketing

We Miss You! A Creative Re-Engagement Email Campaign

email re-engagement

Unemotionally Subscribed – People on your list who have not opened or clicked an email message from you in an extended (several months) period of time. They have not unsubscribed. They have not marked your message as spam. They either …

November 5, 2012

Email Marketing / Strategy

Why Louis C.K. Is One of My Favorite Marketers

As I sit here tapping out this post, it’s a commercial break during Saturday Night Live. I’m watching this because tonight’s host Louis C.K. emailed me earlier asking me to do so. OK. So it wasn’t just me. It was …

July 16, 2012

Email Marketing / Interview

Breaking the Rules of Email and Social Media Marketing

Email marketing is taking a page from Mark Twain. Despite obituaries from venerable sources such as as The Wall Street Journal, results from marketers in the trenches show us that these reports of email’s death are greatly exaggerated. Leading the …

Why Are Marketers Ashamed of Email Marketing?

Lately I’ve heard several marketers woefully admit to a guilty pleasure. They like email marketing. For shame! First of all, email has nothing to do with Pinterest. Second, employing email in your marketing mix won’t impact your Klout score. Finally, …

All I Know About Social Media I Learned from Email

Recently I shared how everything I know about blogging I learned from advertising. As a companion piece, I think its equally worth noting the engagement lessons for Facebook and Twitter that you can learn from email marketing. Often forgotten as …

April 11, 2011

Branding / Email Marketing / Strategy

BrandDecision 2012: Lessons from the Obama Re-Election Launch

To be clear, this is not a political blog. This is a brand-driven blog. Political campaigns in America have been brand-driven since the days when advertising pioneer Albert Lasker advised Warren G. Harding to the modern era where Donny Deutsch …

Mixed Up in a Good Way

Last week I had the privilege of attending MarketingProfs’ Digital Mixer in Chicago. For two solid days I enjoyed sessions and keynotes from some of the brightest stars in the digital marketing universe. Just Google the conference and you can …

May 26, 2009

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Is Not Spam

It started out seemingly harmless. I was sitting outside on our deck, unwinding over the Memorial Day weekend with the new, re-designed Newsweek (BTW — cool content and layout changes – props to Meacham and co). As I leisurely thumbed …