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March 16, 2015


How to Rock Your Brand’s Content on LinkedIn with Jason Miller

jason miller on brand

http://traffic.libsyn.com/onbrand/Jason-Miller-On-Brand.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download“I like to be dangerous with my content.” It’s quotes like this where Jason Miller’s rock-n-roll background and passion shine through in his work. By day, Jason is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at …

August 6, 2014

Social Spotlight

Social Media Image Size Blueprint: Google+ and LinkedIn

linkedin google plus image size

With images becoming more and more central on social networks, it’s hard for brands to ignore this visual shift online. Cover photos, header images, timeline previews, and more on almost every social platform offer tremendous opportunities for marketers. To take …

August 8, 2013

Paid Search & Social

3 Keys to Choosing the Right Paid Search or Social Platform

The Right Paid Search or Social Platform

Recently we’ve highlighted several benefits of paid advertising on search and social platforms. Keep in mind these methods of online advertising are most effective in conjunction with a robust online presence and a multi-faceted marketing campaign. Before investing in paid …

August 27, 2012

Social Spotlight

9 Tips for Building Your Brand with SlideShare

With approximately 58 million unique visitors a month, SlideShare — often called “the YouTube of slide decks” — is no slouch when it comes to social activity. Most of us have probably flipped through an embedded SlideShare — also their …

October 3, 2011

Branding / Social Media Strategy

Building a Brand-Driven Community with Social Media

Branding is important. I gotta get me some of that. Social media is critical. I gotta get me some of that, too. Branding and social media are kind of squishy things. Industry thought leaders wax philosophically to the point that …

June 6, 2011

Social Spotlight

How to Make LinkedIn Work for You

Recently I had one of those ah-ha moments where insight forever changes the way you look at something. In this case it was how I viewed LinkedIn. Many are perplexed by LinkedIn. What does it do? It’s not as fun …