Social Media Image Size Blueprint: Google+ and LinkedIn

August 6, 2014

linkedin google plus image size

With images becoming more and more central on social networks, it’s hard for brands to ignore this visual shift online. Cover photos, header images, timeline previews, and more on almost every social platform offer tremendous opportunities for marketers. To take advantage of this visual revolution we need to understand social media image size, specs, and purpose. Recently we looked at image size Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. Let’s finish up by looking at Google+ and LinkedIn. 

We’ve put together the infographic below as a quick reference to help you and your team make the most of all available areas of social real estate on these two visual social networks. If used well, images can draw the eyes of your users and reinforce or supplement your message.

Download this Social Media Image Size Blueprint Now (JPG)


What You Should Know: Google+

Ninety seven percent of consumers search for local businesses online. Your local Google+ page connects you with customers on Search, Maps, and Google+, regardless of which device they are using. Being active on this social network is important. Here are some tips for success:

  • The content you post to your Google+ page can rank in search results in instances where your website may not.
  • Use hashtags in your posts! Google+ will also automatically include hashtags when appropriate, so think about keywords when writing your content and updates.

What You Should Know: LinkedIn

With more than 300 million members and 187 million unique page views per month, LinkedIn is the number one social media platform for business. With an increase in focus on content from businesses, it’s a no-brainer for look to this platform for your organization. Here are some tips for success:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile and Company Page for search engine optimization. Google and Bing both index LinkedIn content.
  • When sharing content, keep in mind the audience on this platform. Most are business- or job-focused and want to share their industry knowledge. What can you post to help them in that area?

Ready to get visual? Don’t forget the most important tip: make sure all images and videos represent your brand and work together in concert.

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