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August 26, 2013




When my sister was in medical school she shared a fun turn of the phrase with us. One of her colleagues would often compliment students with the stoic praise, “strong work.” And while this has become something of an internal …

March 18, 2013

Blogging / Social Media Strategy

What If You Can Only Do One Thing on Social Media?

one thing on social media

“If you’re strapped for time and money and can only do one thing on social media, what should that be?” This was the question posed at one of our recent Social Strategy Boot Camp events. Many marketers — especially small …

October 4, 2012


Inside Overblog with Founder Frederic Montagnon (Interview)

Blogging has long been the hub of the social media universe, providing a centralized platform for sharing content across social channels. In recent years, blogging has gotten even more social. Perhaps the greatest convergence of blogging and social media to …

July 9, 2012


Why Your Business Blog Sucks

Harsh, I know but many need a wake up call when it comes to blogging for business. It’s true that of the 172 million blogs out there, many quit or stop posting after just 3 months. And then there’s the …

June 21, 2012

Social Media Strategy

The Myth of One-Size Fits All Social Media

I have a big head. Not in the sense that I am particularly arrogant but in the literal sense that I have a larger noggin than most. That’s why when shopping for hats I’m often skeptical of labels promising that …

April 19, 2012


How to Make Sense of Blog Categories & Tags

Many — including me — have compared social media management to the act of gardening. And often times a big part of gardening is pruning out-of-control branches and bushes. As the hub of our social media experience, blogs can quickly amass …

March 8, 2012

Blogging / Content Marketing

Time Management Tips for Creating Better Content

So, now that you’re sold on the concept of content marketing for your brand — what’s next? Probably making some of that aforementioned content, which is also where many businesses hit a snag. You see, developing strong content takes time …

February 22, 2012

Design / News & Events

A Brand-Driven Blog Redesign

You may have already noticed but yesterday I quietly launched a redesign of my blog. To help with any whiplash you may have, I thought I’d take a moment and give you a quick tour. My purpose in all of …

3 Types of Fuel for Your Social Media Campfire

No one responds when I post. We don’t get any comments. I don’t think anyone is listening. If there’s one question I hear the most it’s a variant on these. The sheepish and dreaded admission that their social activity or …