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October 14, 2016


Social Sound Bite: Why Social Platforms Don’t Want to Be ‘Social’

social sound bite

http://traffic.libsyn.com/onbrand/Social-Sound-Bite-59.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadOn this week’s Social Sound Bite – recorded live at the KXIC studios in Iowa City – Jay and I discussed a recent article from Adweek, which noted that social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, …

February 3, 2016

Community Management

5 Social Media Idea Starters for the Next Time You’re Stuck

social media

Social media can be an exciting, creative way to promote your organization. These interactive platforms lend themselves to engaged customers and open dialogue. On the flip side, social media can be a burden on those tasked with generating content several …

November 13, 2015


Social Sound Bite: We’re Spending More Time on More Social Networks

social sound bite

http://traffic.libsyn.com/onbrand/Social-Sound-Bite-36.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadOn this week’s Social Sound Bite – recorded live at the KXIC studios in Iowa City – Jay and I discussed some some new data on how we use social networks. In their most …

May 20, 2015

Social Media Strategy

Social Media for Business: How to Know Which Networks Work Best

social media

Facebook is a social media platform of the past. Today’s users are utilizing Snapchat and Instagram, so there’s no need to invest time and resources in Facebook and Twitter. These are statements I’ve recently heard and, while we could easily …

March 11, 2015

Content Marketing

When It Comes to Content Marketing, Less Can Be More

less is more

While we may not own up to it, one of the concepts that most of us believe in is that more is better. More time spent on a plan makes it better. More meetings means something is more thought out. …

February 9, 2015


The Art of Personal Branding with Bryan Kramer

bryan kramer

http://traffic.libsyn.com/onbrand/Bryan-Kramer-On-Brand.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download“Pick one or two things instead of trying to do everything.” As a leading social media influencer, Silicon Valley CEO, and TED speaker, Bryan Kramer knows a thing or two about personal branding. Kramer …

Questions Are Currency

questions are currency

How can we create more engaging conversations via social media? How can we develop more helpful content for our online community? These are both common questions for brands of all shapes and sizes. In fact, you can answer these frequently-asked …

October 21, 2013

Social Media Strategy

Social Media As a Lead Generation Machine

social media lead generation

You’ve heard it before: social media networks are a marketing platform that provide an opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers. And you may have questioned how to turn those engaging conversations into dollar signs. You’re in luck. In …

August 5, 2013


Why You Need a Digital Swipe File

digital swipe file

One of my favorite “happy accidents” of my career is the fact that I came up in a direct marketing environment. Specifically it was a direct mail job with an educational publishing company. I’ve often noted the connections one can …