How Social Video Can Help You Share Your Story with Brian Fanzo

January 4, 2016

“I love storytelling. It builds trust faster than anything else.” Brian Fanzo helps brands of all shapes and sizes — from IBM to Applebee’s — tell their stories and build trust with their customers. As an early adopter of live-streaming social video like Meerkat and Periscope, Brian has fearlessly jumped in and quickly become a leading expert in this new and exciting media. I couldn’t wait to discuss all of this with Brian on this week’s episode of the On Brand podcast.

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About Brian Fanzo

Brian Fanzo is a leading voice of the millennial generation in digital media. He has 10+ years experience managing, deploying and training enterprises and small businesses on cyber security, community management, collaboration, digital marketing, video conferencing, and social business. As a technology and social media strategist, Brian’s presented at numerous technology conferences, as well as quarterly presentations for the Federal Government Joint Chiefs of Staff and on-site in Iraq and Afghanistan for the United States Army. His passion for change and people is evident as he delivers keynotes on topics ranging from employee advocacy and social selling to personal branding. He was recently awarded the Top 25 Social Business Leaders of 2014 by IBM & The Economist Intelligence Unit.

Episode Highlights

How to get over the fears that come with live-streaming social video. Brian began by reminding us that “it’s not perfect. Perfect live streams suck. Keep it simple and remember — the people on camera aren’t the important ones. It’s the people watching. Think like a fan. What would your fans want to see?”

Live streaming has been around forever. What’s so different about these new tools and apps? After sharing his story about first using Meerkat to share updates from a mobile conference in Barcelona, Brian was hooked. Unlike and other streaming predecessors, tools like Meerkat and Periscope allow the viewers to be a part of the conversation. That connection is powerful.

“I don’t know about the future of live-streaming but stories and authenticity will always be a part of things.” Periscope and Meerkat provide marketers with new, accessible real-time marketing opportunities. Speaking of these two similar social video tools I had to ask …

Periscope vs. Meerkat. “You have to know where your audience is.” After a deep discussion, Brian confessed that as much as he loves Meerkat’s UI, the scrappy startup doesn’t have the direct relationship to Twitter that Periscope has. Furthermore, in the year ahead Brian predicts that the conversation and app comparisons are more likely to be made between Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook’s expanded Mentions video streaming. Strategy matters for both. “Periscope is your distribution. Facebook is where you deliver value.”

The two illusions marketers need to get over with video. “First, the illusion that customers want perfection,” Brian said, noting that perfection really isn’t possible in real time. The second illusion is related to the first and that’s the idea that control is possible. Too many brands seem focused on controlling the conversation and keeping employees out of it.

What brand has made Brian smile recently? “Buffer!” The social-sharing app often sends Brian thank-you notes, stickers, and little gifts for being an influential community member. More than just sharing swag, these personal touches build real connections. “I don’t think about the tool. I think about the people behind it.”

To learn more about Brian, check out You can also follow him at @isocialfanz on Twitter and most other social networks.

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