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July 17, 2017

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“We create experiences that touch the heart.” In our increasingly digital world, it may surprise some to learn that creating engaging physical experiences for brands is still a priority for marketing leaders. Christian Lachel is an architect of these experiences through his work at BRC Imagination Arts creating “homes” for brands like Ford and Jameson. We explored all of this and more on this week’s On Brand podcast.

About Christian Lachel

Christian Lachel is a world-renowned expert at turning brands into destinations. He’s an accomplished creative director and storyteller who brings creativity, design expertise, business acumen and strategic direction to BRC Imagination Arts. Christian creates emotional experiences that help guests gain a deeper appreciation of themselves and the world. He has done this for some of the top destinations in the world, including The Heineken Experience, The Guinness Storehouse, The Ford Rouge Factory Tour, The World of Coca-Cola and Story Garden by AMOREPACIFIC.

Episode Highlights

What is a brand experience? If you need a lesson in brand experience 101, “It’s the spiritual home of a brand — these brand homes are really popular as they create places that celebrate the brand and the stories they bring to life.”

Experience isn’t easy. “I see a lot of neat ideas in the space but do they resonate with their audience? Do they deepen advocacy? It’s not just putting your logo on a big tent at Coachella. It’s a common struggle, connecting the brand to experience.”

The key to brand experience at BRC Imagination Arts. “We have a saying — the best brands celebrate the world of the audience.” If your brand has a story, you have to find how those stories connect with the values of your audience. Once you understand that, you can start to create what Lachel calls “brand souvenirs.”

What brand experience does Christian love talking about? Originally from the Chicago area, Lachel had the opportunity to be a part of the team that created the Lincoln Library and Museum in Springfield, a spiritual home for the Lincoln brand. “My favorite part of any project is waiting for people to come through and seeing their faces.”

What brand has made Christian smile recently? Lachel pointed us to a German ad for Volkswagen featuring horses backing up an SUV. He laughed so hard at the spot he got weird looks on the plane! More importantly, it tapped into that “sense of wit” that has been such an enduring part of the Volkswagen brand.

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