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August 31, 2016

Customer Service

Customer Centricity Isn’t a Policy — It’s a Culture

customer centricity

Customer service demands online and offline have forever changed as a result of our always-on, everyone’s-a-publisher model. All the world’s a stage and how (or if) brands respond to customer complaints or even challenging questions is a critical component to reputation management. …

July 22, 2015

Customer Service

Employee Brand Ambassadors: Strengthening Customer Service

customer service

The lines between customer experience and marketing are becoming increasingly blurred, most notably in interactions on social media. As marketers, we might think the space is best used for brand storytelling or lead generation. However, if your organization is also using …

It’s Not Personal: Responding to Negative Social Media Comments

negative social media comments

It’s not personal. It’s business. While admittedly it’s easier to preach than to practice, on your business’ social media outlets, you need to live by this mantra. Other than the fact that it’s a great quote from The Godfather and You’ve …

3 Steps to Deal with Upset Customers on Social Media

One of the most common objections heard from businesses considering social media is that “people will say bad things about our brand.” When hearing this, marketers often politely remind the boss or client that these conversations about the brand – …

With Social Media, Everyone’s a Marketer

Everyone’s a marketer. I found myself saying this recently while meeting with a client who is the executive director of a local non-profit. They struggle with being one of the area’s “best kept secrets.” We were talking about educating the …

September 2, 2010

Advertising / Branding / Customer Service

By Any Other Name

Last week I had the privilege of seeing Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh speak as part of his Delivering Happiness book tour (got the book — hope to toss a review up here soon). During the course of his time on …

March 18, 2009

Customer Service / Strategy

Is It Hard to Do Business with You?

Last weekend I went to the store to buy Monopoly and it was damn hard. If you’ve ventured down the game aisle of late you’ve probably noticed that there are a few more versions of the Parker Brothers classic including …

December 18, 2008

Customer Service / Email Marketing

Can I Help You?

You walk up and down the aisles of a store … Can I help you? You call up your trusted business advisor … Can I help you?

September 4, 2007

Branding / Customer Service / Strategy

The Southwest Business Model

If you don’t already know the story of Southwest Airlines, you should. Take a quick minute at the beginning of a post-holiday week for a quick refresher courtesy of a segment from last weekend’s CBS Sunday Morning – you can …

February 20, 2007

Customer Service / Strategy

It’s the Big Things Too …

… that can save you from certain doom. We all know about the week JetBlue’s been having so I’m not gonna bother to recap. How do you come back as a business from a nightmare like this? Today JetBlue announced …