It’s the Big Things Too …

February 20, 2007

… that can save you from certain doom. We all know about the week JetBlue’s been having so I’m not gonna bother to recap. How do you come back as a business from a nightmare like this? Today JetBlue announced their Customer Bill of Rights. Nothing real exciting on paper but remember the old adage of “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”? Well, what’s gonna save JetBlue is how they’ve said their Customer Bill of Rights. 

Go to their website and they’ve posted it clearly on the homepage (big duh after a bad PR week – you do NOT want to hide your response). BUT what they’ve posted isn’t a document stating the rights. In fact at a cursory glance I can’t find any webpage or pdf that lists them in writing. No, this link takes you to a YouTube video nested in the site of JetBlue founder and CEO David Neeleman telling you the Bill of Rights. Not a typical CEO standing at a podium addressing the troops. It’s an intimate setting with Neeleman in a open-collared shirt talking about their FUBAR week and his promise (the company’s too – but the implication is that he’s personally vouching) on how their going to make it better. And the cherry on the sundae – he closes by asking for your business. Well played, JetBlue.

And it didn’t stop on the website. Neeleman was all over TV this morning making the rounds. They responded quickly enough to get into the news cycle and may end up changing the story. My prediction? JetBlue is going to come back from this. They’re a remarkable business that is working to handle a terrible misstep remarkably.

Speaking of which … do you have a Customer Bill of Rights? If so, is it on your website? If it’s on your website is it buried?

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