How to Align Communications: Making the Most of Your Marketing

November 5, 2014

communication alignment

We’re all familiar with the saying, get the most bang for your buck. The same thought process should apply to your communication strategy. No matter the size of the organization, there’s a trend when it comes to communicating across all platforms – it’s a challenge. While large companies tend to operate within their own departmental silos, in contrast, small organizations are spread thin. In either case, aligning your communication platforms is essential to get the most from your marketing. 

If you are writing and posting on behalf of a small or non-profit organization, chances are you are operating on borrowed time and a restricted budget. If you are employed by a large corporation, you may not know what the department next to you does on a daily basis. So, how can you align your communications and still be effective?


And no, I don’t mean copy and paste. But, what is good for a news release is also a great addition to your website, Facebook page, and Twitter account. Turn a newsworthy story into an interactive Facebook conversation, share photos online, and tip off your news followers through Twitter. Repurposing your work not only saves you time on your editorial calendar, it also allows you to communicate the same message throughout all of your platforms.

Tailor Your Communications

Not every member of your audience utilizes every mode of communication in your toolbox. You will need to tailor each message to meet the expectations of your audience. For example, your Facebook followers probably don’t want to read a news release. However, if you get creative, you can make an interactive posting surrounding the same topic of your news release.

Take Advantage of an Editorial Calendar

Don’t waste time wondering what you’re going to communicate or promote on a daily basis or miss an opportunity to share your story. An editorial calendar allows all staff, across departments and the company to know what topic is top of mind each day, week, and month. (Need help getting started? Here’s a how to create editorial calendar.)

Hold Staff Meetings

No matter the size of your company, it is important to ensure that the right hand is talking to the left. You never want a reporter to contact your office regarding a news release or a client to inquire about a promotion without your admin, coworkers, and other departments being aware. When everyone is on the same communications wavelength, your organization and communications come across as well-oiled and cohesive.

Utilize Your Skills

Do you have a member of your team, intern, or volunteer who excels at social media? Put him or her in charge of your social media outlets. Time can be a challenge for all of us, and typically this means our social media efforts fall behind. Let someone who enjoys this aspect of your business take pride and ownership of your Facebook and Twitter accounts, leaving room for you to focus on your publications, news releases, and website.

It All Adds Up

Now that we’ve discussed a few of the ways to align your communications – let’s consider the benefits.

  • Work towards a common goal. We’re all guilty of getting caught up in the daily grind, the essentials, and issues that arise on a regular basis. Though communication alignment won’t alleviate distractions, it will ensure all staff is on the same page. This makes it easier to get back on track after the dust settles.
  • Maximize exposure. By aligning your messaging, the more likely you are to reach various audiences, age groups, and new customers. The added bonus – once you get the word out, others will do the work for you. The media will promote your news release, fans and followers will share your story and you will reap the benefits.
  • Earn the respect of your customers, build brand reputation. There’s nothing more frustrating than contacting a company when it seems the employees don’t communicate with one another. A strong communication front can go a long way when building your reputation. For example, if you have a promotion for a free Veteran’s Day breakfast and every employee is excited and able to respond to customer questions, you build brand loyalty. If an employee is unaware of the promotion, the customer may go elsewhere.

There are endless ways to work on your organization’s communication alignment and countless benefits when you execute these practices. Hopefully this has sparked your interest in engaging your entire team to communicate effectively utilizing all of your communication tools.

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