Chuck Gets It

November 16, 2006

Larry points us to Slate where Seth Stevenson gives an Ad Report Card for the new “animated-reality” TV ads that Charles Schwab is using to announce their lower pricing structure. This article provides an in depth anatomy of an ad and is also a great example of targeting your message to an audience (men w/impotent anger who are upset at how their money is being managed). It even goes a level deeper and uses the media in a way that creates the right effect on this market segment (the ads leave you with a disrupted feeling — it could really push the target audience into taking action). Kudos to Austin-based GSD&M for a kickin’ strategy and execution. Well played. Quick things I love about these ads:

  • The “Talk to Chuck” slogan. For the exact same reasons Slate points out. Saw it on a big billboard in Chicago and fell in love with it.
  • The fact that for research Schwab created a “clutter reel” assembled of the bad advertising that is prevalent in financial services space (Adirondack chairs, sailboats, etc.).
  • The strategic match up of a targeted message and a targeted media

The only thing they missed? Putting these sticky ads on their website. Cadillac and Snickers have this figured out. If you’ve created a remarkable, clutter-cutting ad that’s getting some press and people want to watch it, shouldn’t they go to your site to do it …?

P.S. If you find a link to the Schwab ads, send it to me and I’ll post it.

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