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October 21, 2015

Content Marketing

How to Write Content That Connects with Your Customers

content writing

Last week at the Social Brand Forum 2015, Amber Naslund talked about using social data to create a total profile of a customer beyond simple demographics like gender, income, and age. This whole dimensional profile allows you to understand how to work …

October 8, 2014


Creative Marketing Today

creative marketing

A few weeks back my friends at Buffer invited me to moderate their #Bufferchat on Twitter on the topic of creative marketing. Creativity has always been an important tool for marketers, serving as either a campaign ingredient or embodied by …

May 26, 2014


Why You Need a Brand Brain Trust

brand brain trust

One of the most creative companies churning out quality product at an unprecedented rate is Pixar. Over the past two decades, the Disney-owned animation studio has produced a string of critical and commercial successes in an industry where success is …

May 3, 2012

Community Management

Why Community Managers Need to Be Improvisers

Fun fact about me: I actually have a little bit of background in improvisational comedy. There was even a time when I was part of a group that would perform improv in bars in the Iowa City area for little …

February 3, 2012

Blogging / Content Marketing

The Idea Business

Aren’t you going to write this down? We’ve all been to the trendy restaurant where the servers don’t write down your order. How do we know that they got it all and, if they did, that they got it correct? …

July 16, 2009


The Biggest Secret to Blogging

The biggest secret to blogging is one I learned from the theatre. Let me back up … When people are getting to know me, we inevitably have an exchange where it’s revealed that my academic background is neither in marketing …