Spirit Halloween Keeps Fans Engaged Year Round

October 31, 2013

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Every fall, our neighborhoods’ abandoned department stores and failed furniture galleries are filled with spooky pumpkins, masks, and fishnet stockings. Spirit Halloween, launched in 1983, is arguably the leader in the Halloween retail industry. And impressively, it jumped in on the social media marketing bandwagon relatively early in game, circa 2009. Today, it has active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Spirit Halloween is the epitome of (slightly unexpected) great social media marketing. A variety of posts are shared with the millions of fans across all platforms – from user generated content, to partnership promotions (think brands like Pizza Hut), to coupons and safety tips for trick-or-treating.

spirit halloween social media

What’s even cooler about this company’s social marketing efforts is that it promotes the holiday spirit year round. Like many seasonal companies, it can be difficult to keep engagement metrics up throughout all twelve months of the year. Sharing expertise, launching partnerships, and hosting contests or presenting awards are all ways to make a seasonal brand not so seasonal. While Spirit Halloween doesn’t have a permanent storefront, the brand keeps fans engaged whether it’s December or July.


Are you surprised by Spirit Halloween’s great social media marketing? Are there any other seasonal brands that do a good job keeping fans engaged year round?

Happy Halloween!

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