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First of all — welcome! Thank you for taking a moment and stopping by. I call my approach ‘brand-driven’ as I examine marketing communications, business, and life through the lens of brands. We live in a brand-driven world. In fact, brands could be the one constant in the rapidly changing landscape of how we communicate ideas and consume culture and media.

Primarily, I offer brand-driven insights on the practice of branding, social media, and blogging. New posts appear Monday and Thursday mornings at 9:00 AM Central.

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I also do a lot of interviews and book reviews. Sometimes I’m sent books on branding and social media, while some are simply titles I think you might like. If you have a book you’d like me to review or an idea for an interview, please contact me.

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If you’d like more information about me written in the third person, check out my About page. I also have a page about my work as a professional speaker. And, of course, you can get in touch with me on my Contact page.

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