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July 5, 2021

Kyle Hjelmeseth On Brand

“Influencers take the power out of the hands of those who used to tell us what we should like and not like. You’ve divested power to those bold enough to go online and share their stories.” From the College of Influence to his Normalize Equality initiative, teaching and managing the power of digital influence is at the heart of Kyle Hjelmeseth’s work at G&B digital management. We discussed all of this and more on this week’s episode of the On Brand podcast.

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About Kyle Hjelmeseth

Kyle Hjelmeseth is the Founder and CEO of top-tier talent management agency G&B, which houses both the College of Influence and the Normalize Equality initiative. A self-made minority business owner, Hjelmeseth brings the full extent of his experience living as a half black, half white male to his work building media momentum around messages of diversity and inclusivity with his trademark solutions-driven attitude. Under his leadership, G&B has successfully re-invented the talent management world with integrity while creating a refreshingly diverse company culture, serving more than 60 exclusive clients with a powerfully inclusive ethos that transforms influencers into influential people.

Episode Highlights

Being an influencer vs. being an influential person. There’s a big difference, which Kyle unpacked for us at the top of the show. “It’s about building a business that lasts over time. Not just the next 100 followers.”

Enter the College of Influence … We’re big fans of strong brand names here on the On Brand podcast. As such, I couldn’t wait to ask Kyle about the College of Influence at G&B. “I have a strong connection to education and wanted to reinforce that with our name.”

Diversity and inclusivity: Keeping the momentum going. Building on his lived experience as a self-made minority business owner, Kyle leads G&B’s Normalize Equality initiative. Following last year’s summer of social justice, we’ve seen a lot of box-checking, however, Kyle is quick to note the need for ongoing momentum. That’s why he cited Netflix’s ongoing work giving voice to diverse stories.

What brand has made Kyle smile recently? “I actually call it a spice lifestyle brand …” And with that, Kyle introduced us to Fly by Jing spices—who not only made Kyle smile, it made him wear the brand as well!

To learn more about Kyle, check out the G&B website and contact him through the form.

As We Wrap …

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