Announcing Some Changes at Brand Driven Digital and Westergaard

May 29, 2014

brand driven website updates

In this day and age, many of us update our websites constantly. At Brand Driven Digital, we’re no exception. We often make little tweaks here and there in the name of continuous improvement and say nothing of it. But every now and then, some tweaks are a little bit bigger and merit some explanation. Such is the case with the updates I’d like to take you through today.

At a glance, you might not notice much different. That’s because visually this round of updates is iterative of the work we began with the first major Brand Driven overhaul in January 2013. This tied together our online content, our live learning events like the Social Brand Forum, and carved out a little bit of space for the others services we provide. In recent months we added some responsive bells and whistles for our growing mobile audience (that’s currently over 20% of you).

However, in looking at our overall business, some bigger changes were necessary. Brand Driven Digital was first launched as a division of Westergaard, LLC, a company owned and operated by Dean Westergaard (#WestergaardClassic), who founded the firm in 1981, and me. As more of our work is digitally focused, we realized that we were doing ourselves a disservice by essentially building two brands — the Westergaard agency and Brand Driven Digital. That’s why this website update is really part of something much bigger.

Simplifying Who We Are

With this shift we are bringing the full scope of our operations under the Brand Driven Digital umbrella. This means Westergaard will be the behind-the-scenes parent company powering our work. Beyond the obvious rebranding implications, the updates we’re rolling out speak directly to changes to our overall business.

As always, with each update we work to sharpen our messaging. While we’ve always led with the promise to help you build better brands online, we’ve honed that further. For starters, when you first arrive at the site now, you’re now greeted by the faces of real people.

At the end of the day, we aren’t software or an online training platform. All of our work — from consulting to events — is very personal. We wanted you to know that the moment you arrive at our site with a new video that welcomes you and tells us a bit about what we do. Speaking of which …

Clarifying What We Do

Did you ever find yourself reading a blog post or attending one of our events and wondering what it is we do? We never did a real great job of telling you before today. That’s because what we do has been in flux. By consolidating our services and operations under the Brand Driven banner, we aren’t simply bringing over the generic services of a local agency. Instead we’ve developed a new suite of highly specialized services designed to help companies and their agencies take their digital marketing to the next level.

What’s that? Helping agencies? That’s right. Part of this shift means that we’re transitioning from being an agency to being a resource agencies can utilize to enhance their digital offerings. One of the largest constituencies at our events has always been agencies. Now we can work together even more.

Our new services fit into the three major navigational areas you see above. Strategic consulting helps you lay the foundation for successful marketing featuring signature offerings such as our Digital Diagnostic, Brand Blueprint, and Marketing Action Plan (MAP). One of the biggest areas of growth is our digital coaching work. Through these on-going relationships we can help you maintain your brand’s digital fitness.

And, of course, we have our training and events. This covers the industry leading Social Brand Forum, our Boot Camp workshops, customized corporate training programs, as well as my speaking services (in the months ahead I’ll be launching another site focusing on this more).

brand driven website updates

What Else?

Any brand is defined as much by what they aren’t as what they are. We’re hoping we can convey that as well. More than helping you solely with execution, the greatest value comes in building an on-going relationship where you can have continuous access to our team of experts.

Speaking of our team, we’ve moved the entire team over to this website. All are representatives of Brand Driven Digital and are here to help you a build a better brand online in a way that works best for you.

From here the changes are pretty straightforward. In many ways this is a very natural progression. We’ve streamlined a few things and hopefully simplified who we are and what we do. As with any update, we’d love to know what you think. Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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