Nissan Uses Instagram and Vine to Put Versa in Customers’ Hands

July 18, 2013

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Our new Brand Snapshot series takes a look at a bold, visually driven social media campaigns. This week, we take a look at how Nissan uses Instagram and Vine in a fun new contest featuring the Versa Note.

For the recent release of the all-new Versa Note, Nissan USA has shrunk the vehicle and put it into their customers’ hands. In their Your Door To More Video Contest the auto maker is encouraging customers to get creative with the paper car for a shot at having their video selected as the new national commercial or winning a $1,000 Amazon gift card.

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To help consumers understand the types of videos they could create, Nissan took to their social profiles to share examples of the mini Versa Note on adventures through picnics, on the road, or heading to the beach.

One thing to note: The campaign allows submissions on both social video-sharing platforms, Instagram and Vine. This move keeps the brand from alienating fans or followers on either platform, especially since it’s not yet clear which platform will ultimately reign as video king.

Brands can look to Nissan’s contest as an example for generating user-created content. It’s also a great strategy for getting fans involved with your brand in a tactile way. We’ll be excited to see the submissions via the hashtag #VersaVid. We’re also naturally curious to see which social video platform is used most.

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