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June 25, 2014

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It’s one of the most exciting times to be in marketing. It’s also one of the most frustrating as there are many “shiny” new platforms, apps, and ways to engage with your community. It can be hard to keep track of all of this. Sometimes though, it’s one or two key things, rather than doing them all, that can really make a difference for your brand.

To help triage where to spend your time, we asked our team the following: If you could only do one thing online for a brand, what would it be?


Nick Westergaard, Chief Brand StrategistBlogging. I know. Boring, right? Because blogging is harder many pretend to forget about this all-too-important piece of the digital marketing puzzle. But just as we have to get our oxygen mask on first before we help others on a plane, we also need to take care of ourselves first online as well. Creating a presence on Facebook is great. For Facebook (especially with their new algorithm, which drives you to more paid advertising). You need to use these social outposts to drive traffic back to your online content hub — your blog.


Dean Westergaard, President Create content. And apply that content across all platforms. Be expressive. Be informative. Educate. In short, tell your story. What you write will be as varied as your brand itself. It may be product-focused benefits on your website, or customer-focused stories on Facebook or in a blog post. The right content on the right platform is how people learn, appreciate, become friends with and ultimately become loyal to your brand. Content, in all its various forms, is what brings your brand to life.


Macy Koch, Director of Digital Strategy — If I could only recommend one thing for a brand, I’d recommend sharing photos online. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, photos are really taking off on all platforms. Not only are they a great way to showcase your products, but also your team members, your workspace, and more. Grab a camera or smart phone and start snapping away!


color-angieAngie Cottrell, Client Services Manager — Website creation and maintenance. Basic, yes, but no matter where you end up following a brand online, you start with their website. If a website doesn’t have what your customer needs, including ease in navigation, they will move on to another company. I am amazed to see there are still many companies that don’t have a website or have not upgraded their initial site.

Think about the last time you needed to know something — chances are you looked it up online. I have often come across a company that has a basic Facebook presence but no website. Remember, a website can help you take your logo or storefront and build on that brand of your business. It should be your platform for online communication, as you have unlimited freedom of what your business looks like, what your voice is and how you interact with your customers. Let other online platforms be an extension of your brand.


Jordan Williams, Content Specialist — If I could recommend one thing for a brand, I would suggest interacting with your customers online. No matter the size of your company, if you answer your customers’ questions, provide valuable information, and stay in touch, consumers will find your brand to be a trusted source of information, and, in turn, a brand they can get behind and a company they want to do business with.


sarah moySarah Moy, Search and Analytics Coordinator Engaging customers with video. From six-second inspirational shorts on Vine to five-minute product demos on YouTube, video offers a great platform to share your brand story and kick-start conversations. Show customers who you are, and learn who they are. No matter what business you’re in, you can use video to enhance your services, connect with your customers, and add a little color to everyone’s day.

Is Your Brand Focusing on Too Many Things?

Is it time you sat down and put more time and effort into one or two areas listed above? Tell us what else you’d add to this list in the comments below.

Do you have a question you’d like our team to answer? If so, send contact us and you could be featured in our next Team Tips.

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