How to Make Your Brand’s Holiday Card Stand-Out

December 11, 2013

holiday card

The end of a year brings more than just snow and gifts. It brings plenty of opportunities to make an impact as a business or individual. Most send cards or tokens of appreciation, but few take full opportunity to not only thank, but provide further opportunities to help clients, partners, and advisors. Here are a few tips on how your brand’s holiday card can make it to the top of the stack this season.

Incorporate Your Logo or Photo

Rather than choosing the over-used stock photo of snowflakes or reindeer, choose an image that can incorporate your logo, your photo, or an image of your team. Not only does this allow all individuals to be a part of the greeting, it also continues to strengthen public recognition for your brand and the people behind your brand. Use this as an opportunity to show your personality.

Make Your Greeting Useful

Rather than sending a generic card that will quickly be tossed after the New Year comes, make your greeting a piece that will be likely to be kept around. Whether it’s a tip for SEO success, or a motivational quote that is perfect for the office fridge, these pieces not only keep your brand around longer, but continue to strengthen your position as an industry expert.

Add an Opportunity to Connect More

A greeting is nice, but a continued conversation after is even better. Consider adding a call to action for recipients to engage more. Suggestions could be a special web page with tips, a top-ten list from the year, or a social media contest. Use these to show your brand’s expertise and knowledge.

Make It Personal

Above all, make each greeting meaningful to those will receive it. Adding a note of appreciation for a specific moment from the year, or signatures from the entire company can say a lot more than a typed generic greeting or signature stamp. In my opinion, the fanciest of cards can’t stand up to a hand written note.

In the end, no matter how you choose to say thank you, just make sure you do. Here’s to a happy new year!

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