Dreaming Cow Creamery Builds Trust on YouTube and Instagram

August 1, 2013

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Many organic dairy producers gloat about the well-being of their non-GMO fed cows. They claim the cows are humanely raised on small, locally owned farms, where they are free to graze the fields and munch on grass all day. Plenty of food documentaries and corporate scandals have uncovered that these types of claims aren’t always true — after all, it was PepsiCo that was just forced to remove the “all natural” label from their Naked juices.

Dreaming Cow is a Georgia-based dairy company that not only promises yogurt made from happy cows, it shows complete transparency with constant YouTube videos and Instagram photos straight from the farm.

The big bet here is that conscious eaters, or those concerned with where their food actually comes from, feel a sense of confidence when they know exactly where their Maple Ginger yogurt was produced. The customer feels better about themselves because they feel a personal link to the source of what they’re eating. The content is simply cute, has a small-business feel, and yields great brand interaction.

Moreover, the rest of the brand’s social media marketing tactics aren’t too shabby, either.

It’s an interesting competitive move, considering big-box competitor Stonyfield Farms doesn’t share any photos or videos of the cows at any of its farms.

What do you think? Are you interested in a behind-the-scenes look at any of your favorite food companies?

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