Connecting Our Digital Dots – Introducing Two New Sites

August 13, 2014

connecting dots

Over the past couple of months (and years, really), we’ve been making changes in our organization both online and off. Today we have a final set of online updates to introduce that will further connect these digital dots.

Last spring we announced that we were bringing all of our staff and operations together under the Brand Driven Digital brand and website, which we reworked and expanded accordingly with new products, services, videos, and responsive design snazziness for enhanced mobile viewing. These two sites that I want to talk about today — and — help complete our digital brand ecosystem.

One challenge with the Brand Driven restructure was that it moved some of my speaking work to the background at a time when I’m doing more keynoting and workshops than ever before. I also have another project coming up on the horizon soon that needs some space of its own as well. (You can see it mentioned in the site’s navigation. I’m not keeping it a secret. I’m just not telling you anymore about it. Yet.) There are also occassional consulting projects where the rest of our team isn’t engaged so it made sense to have a home base for speaking, consulting, media, and … that other thing. More on that very soon.

Primarily, is focused on information event organizers and planners need in hiring me as a speaker. From speaking topics and testimonials to media resources, everything you need is right here. I’m also excited to share a new video on the site that not only shows me speaking, but it also tells a bit about what the experience is like when you hire me as a speaker for your next event. Check out now.

NW dot com

The final piece of all of this was reworking what was once our core site, As we’ve shifted from being an agency to a digital marketing consulting and corporate training firm, this site needed to shift to be more of our digital front door, introducing you to what we have to offer. But why stop at Brand Driven Digital? We also connected our dots to my speaking site as well as The Work Talk Show podcast, which I host with DJ Waldow.

The question on this simple, single page site says it all — How can we help you?

westergaard dot com

If you don’t know anything about what we do, will point you in the right direction. It also provides a foundation for any new ventures we launch down the road.

These types of updates always seem a little bit like navel-gazing humble brags, however, as we are in the digital strategy business, I thought I would give you an inside peek at ours.

What do you think? Based on our digital foot print and online content are there still questions you have about who we are and what we do? Let us know in the comments below. That’s what they’re there for.

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