Amy Schmittauer on Creating Better Video at Social Brand Forum 2014

September 1, 2014

amy schmittauer social brand forum

Do you want to know what’s super intimidating? Creating a video with an online video expert! And that’s exactly what Amy Schmittauer is. As the head of Vlog Boss Studios and the Savvy Sexy Social blog, Amy knows how to take your video marketing from good to great. In fact, that’s exactly what she’s going to be talking about at the Social Brand Forum this fall. Recently we sat down for a sneak peek of her talk — via video, of course!

A professional in digital content marketing, speaker, professional vlogger, and all around social media frenzy, Amy helps businesses create a strategy to organically grow online presence and social relationships through value creation. She is the President of her video content and social media marketing agency Vlog Boss Studios, based in Downtown Columbus, Ohio. Amy loves working with brands to develop interesting informational vlogs (or “video blogs”) to share with their audience. Think small-scale video production: professional, but more personal.

We couldn’t wait to sit down and chat about #SocialBrand14 with Amy.

Here’s an overview of Amy’s talk at Social Brand Forum 2014!

YouTube Marketing: Show Off Your Brand Personality in HD

If you’re like 100 million daily Internet users, you probably watched an online video today. Living a moment vicariously through the creator and getting a glimpse into their reality. Why not allow your audience to make that connection with you as well? There are so many ways to take advantage of video content marketing and how you can make a deeper connection with your audience. Amy Schmittauer will share details of how a simple plan, practice and a camera as small as a smartphone can get the attention your brand is looking for on YouTube. Time to bring your personality to HD!

You can’t afford not to hear Amy’s talk at #SocialBrand14!

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