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August 11, 2014

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We’ve reached a point where most brands are online in some capacity. This is great as we continue to see new and innovative ways to use social platforms from brands large and small. But with more brands for consumers to choose from, the pressure to deliver and provide value is higher than ever before — especially if you want to stand out.

In order to bring you content secrets from the best of the best, we asked our team: What’s your favorite brand to follow online and why?


Star Wars

Nick Westergaard, Chief Brand Strategist — Star Wars! Call me a geek but I can’t get enough of their presence on Instagram (my favorite social network if you’re asking). In life, I’m actually more of a Star Trek guy but Star Wars has a much more engaging Instagram feed featuring behind-the-scenes photos and quotes.

Milwaukee Brewers

color-deanDean Westergaard, President — This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who knows me. The Milwaukee Brewers have been my favorite baseball team for longer than I care to share here. However, today my fandom is more rewarding than ever before. Online the Brewers keep me informed, not only of the basic stats — but of the personal side of the team. Naturally, I enjoy seeing team achievements that I can share with my less fortunate Cubs friends. Yet, most of all, interaction with other fans — something a long-distance fan couldn’t enjoy a few years ago — makes me feel closer to the Brew Crew than ever. Did I mention that they currently have the best record in baseball?

St. Louis Cardinals

color-macyMacy Koch, Director of Digital Strategy — One of my favorite brands to follow online would be the St. Louis Cardinals. Now, I may be a bit biased as I am a fan, but I do honestly think they do such a great job with their content that they share. They are entertaining, give behind-the-scenes peeks, and allow fans the opportunity to learn more about each player. No matter how they do on the field, they always win online!

Celebrities in General!

color-angieAngie Cottrell, Client Services Manager — Honestly I follow very few brands online, but I do love to follow celebrities, musicians, movie stars, even reality TV stars. Twitter and Instagram are my favorite platforms to follow celebrities, where you can feel a real connection with the celebrity, rather than his or her publicist. Twitter and Instagram provide a behind-the-scenes look into their lives.

I love to see what they are wearing, how they do their makeup, how they decorate their house, what they made for dinner, what products they like, what they care about and who they are friends with. I can get all of that by following a few celebrities I love versus having to follow several brands of each category. Many of them are working parents who can put a funny twist and perspective of what I deal with in my own life.

I don’t have to go to US Weekly to find out what my favorite celebrity is doing and wonder if it is real or a spin on the truth, but can hear it from their own mouth and know what is really important to them.

AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport

color-jordanJordan Williams, Writer — Hands down, my favorite brand to follow online is AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport. As with everyone’s favorite, I am partial to the rescue as I adopted my Pomeranian from AHeinz57 just over a year ago, but what most impresses me is that the brand is supported through the efforts of volunteers — talk about “employee” buy-in. A small organization, AHeinz57 raises awareness for rescue animals, promotes fundraising events, shares photos of each animal available and, my favorite part, highlights successful adoptions.

Welcome to Night Vale

sarah moySarah Moy, Search and Analytics Coordinator — My favorite brand to follow online is Welcome to Night Vale, a fictional podcast told in the format of a small-town news radio show. Not only do they do a great job coordinating their online presence with their podcasts and live touring shows, they take all of the quirky humor that fans love about the podcast and integrate it seamlessly into their online presence.

Do you have a favorite brand you follow online? What about their social strategy keeps you hooked? Let us know and we may feature your thoughts next!

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