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By Nick Westergaard on March 2, 2015


How to Co-Create Brands with Tom Webster

tom webster on brand

“Your brand is not something you create. It’s a story that is told by you and your customers. It’s a co-creation.” As part of his role at Edison Research, Tom Webster spends a lot of his time carefully examining the relationship between brands, their customers, and the media landscape. We discussed all of this during his recent visit to the On Brand podcast.

Nick Westergaard

By Nick Westergaard on February 27, 2015


Social Sound Bite: Facebook Is NOT Dead to Young People 12–24

social sound bite

On this week’s Social Sound Bite – recorded live at the KXIC studios in Iowa City – Jay and I discussed new data from Edison Research on social media usage among Americans age 12–24. Of particular interest is the fact that Facebook is still the dominant social network for this demographic in spite of characterizations to the contrary. Listen for the full sound bite and enjoy these useful links to the news, trends, and tips included in this week’s show.

Nick Westergaard

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Nick Westergaard

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How Brands Can Tell Better Stories Like Journalists

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Nick Westergaard

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Nick Westergaard

Be a Bill Murray Brand

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Nick Westergaard

The Art of Personal Branding with Bryan Kramer

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