Nick Westergaard

By Nick Westergaard on August 29, 2014


How Do You Keep Up with Everything — Like Hyperlapse?


This week on Social Brand Chat presented by KXIC we discussed a question I get all the time online and off, “How do you keep up with everything? There are updates to social networks constantly!” Even this week we saw the release of a new app from Instagram, Hyperlapse. Let’s chat about this. 

Jennifer Landry

By Jennifer Landry on August 27, 2014

Customer Service

How to Provide Visual Customer Service (Infographic)

visual customer service

The Internet is largely a visual medium. Even respected outlets like TIME Magazine are heavily incorporating images and videos into online articles, following a larger trend of visual media becoming fundamental to how we interact online. This means that good customer service is becoming increasingly visual as well, and that understanding how this works will help you best address your customers’ needs. 

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