Macy Koch

By Macy Koch on July 23, 2014

Social Spotlight

Social Media Image Size Blueprint: Facebook & Twitter

social image sizing

With images becoming more and more central on social networks, it’s hard for brands to ignore this visual shift online. Cover photos, header images, timeline previews, and more on almost every social platform offer tremendous opportunities for marketers. To take advantage of this visual revolution we need to understand social media image size, specs, and purpose. Let’s start with Facebook and Twitter.

Sarah Moy

By Sarah Moy on July 21, 2014

Social Spotlight

Facebook Business Best Practices from Facebook Fit

facebook fit

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Facebook Fit event in Chicago. Designed to help small businesses use Facebook to drive success and growth, this event drew a varied crowd, from established business owners to emerging startups to entrepreneurs with freshly formed ideas. Let’s take a look at some of these Facebook business best practices.