Nick Westergaard

By Nick Westergaard on July 3, 2015


Social Sound Bite: Pinterest Launches Buyable Pins

social sound bite

On this week’s Social Sound Bite – recorded live at the KXIC studios in Iowa City – Jay and I discussed a new announcement from Pinterest. The social bookmarking giant’s new buyable pins feature will allow users to buy products of things they see in pins they like — all while never leaving Pinterest. Listen for the full sound bite and enjoy these useful links to the news, trends, and tips included in this week’s show.

Jordan Rose

By Jordan Rose on July 1, 2015

Social Media Strategy

You Are Your Social Media: Are You Sending the Right Message?

social media

There’s no denying it, social media platforms say a lot about the individuals behind them – and the same is true for your brand. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram may be the first interaction a potential client has with your organization. This is only one of the many reasons you want to make a good first impression as well.

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Nick Westergaard

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Nick Westergaard

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