Nick Westergaard

By Nick Westergaard on January 16, 2017


Creating Stories from Customer Empathy with Carla Johnson

carla johnson on brand

“Brands that we look to, that are charismatic, know their audience. They know who they are.” Stories, personality, and experiences are the building blocks of modern brands of all shapes and sizes. This week, Carla Johnson of Type A Communications and co-author of Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing stopped by the On Brand podcast to discuss all of this.

Nick Westergaard

By Nick Westergaard on January 9, 2017


Moving Your Brand from Average to Exceptional with Jay Acunzo

jay acunzo

“All advice is bad advice unless it’s contextualized to you.” As marketers and brand builders, we get advice left and right. Do this, not that. Send this many emails. Write this many blog posts. This week, Jay Acunzo of the Unthinkable podcast reminded us that we need to always ask ourselves why we’re doing this and who we’re doing it for if we want to close the chasm between average and exceptional.

Nick Westergaard

Social Sound Bite: How Wendy’s Handles Social Media Trolls

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Nick Westergaard

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Nick Westergaard

Non-Obvious Trends for 2017 with Rohit Bhargava

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Kary Delaria

Where Should You Focus Your Social Media Marketing?

by Kary Delaria on December 14, 2016

Nick Westergaard

What’s Next for Brands and Content Marketing with Robert Rose

by Nick Westergaard on December 12, 2016

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