Sara O'Brien

By Sara O'Brien on April 1, 2015


5 Tips for Keeping Your Company Blog Relevant

company blog

You have a blog. You plan to write weekly about all of the fun things happening at your company but you’ve now realized that you don’t have something to say weekly and, honestly, your readership hasn’t grown since you started. Is your content relevant to your readers? Here are some tips for connecting with your readers & keeping your company blog relevant. 

Nick Westergaard

By Nick Westergaard on March 30, 2015


March 2015 Brand Zeitgeist: #RaceTogether, New Social Trends

march brand zeitgeist

Each month as part of the On Brand podcast, we take a look back on the month that was. We reflect on the brand builders we chatted with here on the podcast and also discuss the biggest stories and pop-culture funnery that made up our brand zeitgeist. To help with this, I’m joined by our special contributor Meghann Foster. Let’s take a look at March 2015!