Macy Koch

By Macy Koch on April 23, 2014


Earned Media: The Case For Telling Better Stories Online


In the recent State of Media Report by Vocus, reporters revealed that they are quite likely to find stories or story ideas using social media. And while this is the case, there was an overwhelming response that most still prefer a story via email. Knowing how to tell that story is the most important piece to note.

Nick Westergaard

By Nick Westergaard on April 21, 2014

Social Business

Why You Should Involve Your Whole Team in Your Digital Marketing


Marketers have long lamented the fact that everyone, regardless of department, always has an opinion about marketing. We’ve always told ourselves that this is because marketing is one of the coolest areas to work in an organization, though it’s more likely that our work is often highly visible and capable of producing a strong response. Marketers have gotten used to taking a series of deep breaths whenever someone says, “You know, I have a great marketing idea …”

Macy Koch

Which Brands Rule Twitter (Infographic)

by Macy Koch on April 16, 2014

Sarah Moy

How to Use SEO to Bring Traffic to Your Website

by Sarah Moy on April 14, 2014

Nick Westergaard

The Biggest Lesson of Real-Time Marketing

by Nick Westergaard on April 9, 2014

Jordan Williams

5 Ethics Tips to Remember for Your Brand’s Social Media

by Jordan Williams on April 7, 2014

Nick Westergaard

How Can We Be More Engaging on Social Media?

by Nick Westergaard on April 4, 2014

Nick Westergaard

Crowd Work: A Case for Not Removing Blog Comments

by Nick Westergaard on March 31, 2014

Nick Westergaard

Is It Time for Your Brand to Leave Facebook?

by Nick Westergaard on March 28, 2014

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