Kary Delaria

By Kary Delaria on October 29, 2014

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3 New Twitter Features You Need to Know About

twitter features

Twitter has been rolling out some significant changes lately and, to be frank, a few of them have me worried that Twitter is going to suck, but before I rush to judgement as a user of the platform, I’ll put on my marketing hat and keep my cool. After all, Twitter needs innovation and growth, and as marketers, it behooves us to be aware of these changes and consider how they could impact or enhance our efforts. Here’s a look at some new Twitter features to keep your eye on, and some questions to consider as you do.

The Bar Has Been Raised

the bar has been raised

There’s more to social media than just Facebook and Twitter. New networks are emerging left and right. You don’t just have to start that blog you’ve been pestered about. Now you have to be a full-blown content creator. I know what you’re thinking. When will we be caught up on all of this digital marketing stuff? How much is enough?

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