Top 5 Green Twitter Feeds for Earth Day

April 22, 2015

earth day

Do you remember what today is? No, it’s not just National Jelly Bean Day. It’s Earth Day! In celebration, I’ve compiled the top five Twitter feeds to follow on environmentalism and climate change. So while you’re munching those buttered popcorn jelly beans, learn about what’s going on with the Earth today and see how some clever people are using social media to save the world. 

From environmental policy and activism to the latest in green technology, here they are:

  1. Bill McKibben @billmckibben – Founder of and prominent writer, activist, educator, and environmentalist who has been called “the world’s best green journalist” by Time magazine. Follow him for news and environmental activism efforts.
  2. Kate Sheppard @kate_sheppard – Senior reporter and environment and energy editor at the Huffington Post. She has previously written for Grist and Mother Jones. Follow her for news and insights on environmental policy and an occasional dash of light-hearted humor.
  3. Al Gore @algore – You know who Al Gore is. Follow him for news on environmental policy and activism.
  4. Hank Green @ecogeek – Entrepreneur and vlogger, he has created videos for NASA and the Discovery Channel and written for The New York Times and Scientific American. Follow him to learn about the latest in green technology.
  5. Climate Central @climatecentral – Independent, non-profit organization of leading scientists and journalists. Follow them to dig into the science of climate change and where it’s headed.
  6. Bonus! David Quilty @thegoodhuman – A longtime environmental writer and publisher best known for his green blog, The Good Human. Follow him for tips on green living that you can use any day of the week.

Even if you’re not passionate about environmentalism, these feeds are great examples of effective content marketing. No matter your purpose, you can create engaging content by making it meaningful, relevant, and timely.

Happy Earth Day!

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