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June 20, 2013

Marketing Integration

Why Hashtags Matter


Recently the Internet has been abuzz with the announcement that Facebook will soon be adopting Twitter’s signature hashtag feature. Already embraced by networks such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Google+, many see this as a big development and a statement on …

April 18, 2013

Content Marketing

9 Forms of Visual Content You Need to Know About

visual content

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are hungry for visual content. Many of these platforms have been designed to highlight graphics, and with the opportunity to share insights, information, or even a laugh, it’s time that all brands …

March 7, 2013


Iowa Department of Transportation Uses Social Media for Safety

iowa department of transportation social media

For the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT), having a few thousand extra sets of eyes on the roads can mean increased safety for all drivers. Because of this, the department has created a push for social media engagement that will …

January 28, 2013

Social Spotlight

Twitter’s New Vine App Redefines Video Content in Six Seconds

twitter vine app

Last Thursday Twitter introduced Vine, an engaging new way to create and share concise mobile video content. Actually, Twitter announced their acquisition of Vine Labs and their signature app. Like all things Twitter, Vine is defined by its brevity. What …

September 6, 2012


Getting Social with Pew Research Center (Interview)

With the political season upon us, there’s a lot of partisan messaging flying around our social media channels. As opinions tweet past us at record speeds, hard data on public sentiment is becoming more important that ever. Recently I chatted …

June 14, 2012

Social Media Strategy

The 8 Social Habits Brands Need to Know About

There’s not enough good research out there today. This fact is sad but true. It’s especially true in the social media space, where junk research and sensational headlines abound (example — earlier this week The Wall Street Journal forecasted Facebook’s …

May 28, 2012

Social Spotlight

Why You Should Care About Twitter (Even If You’re Not on It)

I speak to groups about social media marketing a lot. The audience make-up can vary greatly when it comes to social adoption from very advanced marketers looking to take their activity to the next level to small businesses trying to …

March 26, 2012

Community Management / Interview

New Belgium Brews Community with Social Media (Interview)

I like to write about social media. I also love craft beer. It’s rare when these passions collide but in the case of what New Belgium Brewing is doing on social media, it’s too cool to avoid. The individuals most …

January 26, 2012

Interview / Social Media Strategy

The Scoop on Ben & Jerry’s Social Media (Interview)

For decades Ben & Jerry’s has been creating innovative flavors and exceptional experiences. In recent years, the Vermont-based ice cream company has used social media to scoop up customer delight far and wide. Mike Hayes, Integrated Marketing Specialist at Ben …