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December 24, 2011

Social Spotlight

Free eBook! Google+ 101: How the Next Big Thing Can Impact Your Business

From launch hype to the rollout of business pages, the social network from the Internet’s biggest player is taking off fast. To recap all of this and to help your business get involved, I wrote an eBook — Google+ 101: …

December 5, 2011

Social Spotlight

16 Dos and Don’ts for Your Brand’s Facebook Page

Setting up a Facebook Page for your brand is deceptively easy. In just a few clicks you can have an outpost on the world’s largest social network of over 800 million users — a population big enough to be the …

October 24, 2011

Social Media Strategy

Even Experts Get Social Media Wrong

WARNING: What follows could be classified as something of a rant. I’ve cautioned against blind adherence to the social media rules before. I’ve always said that rules are a beginning to a social media plan but may not always be …

October 3, 2011

Branding / Social Media Strategy

Building a Brand-Driven Community with Social Media

Branding is important. I gotta get me some of that. Social media is critical. I gotta get me some of that, too. Branding and social media are kind of squishy things. Industry thought leaders wax philosophically to the point that …

August 29, 2011

Book Review / Content Marketing

Being King: Why Content Rules (Book Review)

Breaking news! Content is — wait for it — king. What’s that? You already knew that? You’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king’ everywhere and are wanting to know what it really means and, more importantly, what you do next? …

August 15, 2011

Community Management

Growing Your Social Media Garden

This photo isn’t my garden. In fact, I hate gardening. I just didn’t get the “love of the land” yardwork gene, which is surprising as both of my parents have it. As farm kids in the city, they were eager …

August 1, 2011

Social Spotlight

Why You Should Be on Google+ Now

We need you! Outside of the usual crop of early adopters, my larger circle of friends and colleagues (not a literal G+ circle) seems a little skeptical of Google+. Why do we have to learn another social network? Why now? …

July 25, 2011

Book Review / Social Business

How to Start Your Now Revolution (Book Review)

How can our business ‘get social’? How do we organize the right team around this and what do they do? And, most of all, how do we know if it’s successful? These are the social media questions that organizations large …

July 18, 2011

Social Media Strategy

7 Social Media Myths Debunked

In the film Up in the Air, George Clooney advises his protégée to utilize profiling to get through the airport security line quicker. He defends his move, quipping, “I’m like my mother, I stereotype. It’s faster.” Sometimes, when things are …

July 4, 2011

Social Spotlight

The Next Big Thing: Google+ 101

Last week Twitter was all a-twitter with the launch of Google’s latest foray into social media — Google+. Would it be a ‘Facebook killer’ or a flop like Google Wave and Google Buzz? Like all things Google, early access to …