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June 21, 2012

Social Media Strategy

The Myth of One-Size Fits All Social Media

I have a big head. Not in the sense that I am particularly arrogant but in the literal sense that I have a larger noggin than most. That’s why when shopping for hats I’m often skeptical of labels promising that …

October 24, 2011

Social Media Strategy

Even Experts Get Social Media Wrong

WARNING: What follows could be classified as something of a rant. I’ve cautioned against blind adherence to the social media rules before. I’ve always said that rules are a beginning to a social media plan but may not always be …

June 20, 2011

Social Media Strategy

When to Follow the Social Media Rules

Rules help us make sense of the world. Go out and be productive during the day when the sun is up and rest your body when it’s dark out. Rules keep us safe. Stay on the right side of the …