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March 25, 2015

Brand Snapshot

How One Small Business Uses Social Media to Showcase Their Passion

bdd brand snapshot

Introduced in the 19th century and a staple of many childhoods, the bicycle is one of the most commonly used and familiar modes of transportation around. Americans have become so familiar with the vehicle that most of us never even …

March 13, 2014


Thelma’s Treats Masters Small Business Social Media

thelma's treats

Imagine having someone walk into your door right now with warm cookies and cold milk. This is not a trick! If you enlist the services of Thelma’s Treats in Des Moines, Iowa, this can be a reality. But, if you …

Why You Need a Social Media Strategy Not a Checklist

Years ago I worked for a small educational publishing company. As I sat down to begin work on what would ultimately be the first of my two complete overhauls of the company’s website, I remarked to a colleague that this …