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Nick Westergaard

August 12, 2019


Boosting Brand Scale and Impact with Raul Hernandez

raul hernandez on brand

http://traffic.libsyn.com/onbrand/Raul_Hernandez_On_Brand.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download“Every company can be broken into three parts — marketing, operations, and product.” Raul Hernandez is an expert at helping business break down their marketing processes to boost both scale and impact. We discussed …

Nick Westergaard

January 30, 2013

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Guy Kawasaki on Productivity Processes (Podcast)


Guy Kawasaki is a world-famous author, publisher, and entrepreneur. In fact, his new book is called APE: Author-Publisher-Entrepreneur. In addition to all of this, Kawasaki is the co-founder of Alltop.com, co-founding partner at Garage Technology Ventures, and maintains a robust …

Nick Westergaard

May 5, 2009


Ding-Dong: The Productivity Project

A few weeks ago, my colleague Larry Miller and I were talking about the need to plan ahead on an upcoming project rather than, as he said, “answering the doorbell.” In the few weeks that have followed, I have been …