Why Social Media Events Matter

March 14, 2013

social media events

It’s not often that someone may tell you that your job in social media is like a job in healthcare. Today, I’ll tell you just that. Like you, a doctor does their job every day. They are experienced and they are knowledgeable, yet there is still a level of education needed, and required, for all medical professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest technology, procedures, and best practices.

The same goes for those in a social media role. Our industry is an ever-changing space that forces us to adapt quickly and create constantly. Those who stay ahead in terms of branding and marketing are those who strive to continue to learn and grow. The ones who don’t keep learning, quickly fall behind — taking their brands with them.

While there are many great free or near-free sources for education such as podcasts, blogs, and white papers, we believe, as do other marketing thought leaders, that there’s a higher level of commitment and engagement that happens at live social media events.

Marketers Value Social Media Events

“Although there is a lot of great information on the topic of marketing that is free or for very little cost, I find that most people don’t place a high value on things they don’t pay for.” says Tyler Osby, a marketing specialist focused on Iowa mortgage.

Paying for entrance or membership for these events encourages, and in many cases requires, you to show up — both physically and mentally. It’s a chance to stop multi-tasking and instead absorb insight, examples, and industry trends that have worked for others and may work for you, too. The added bonus of face-to-face conversations with others in the industry only allows for that conversation to go deeper.

Reid Travis, Marketing Director for Pancheros Franchise Corporation, chooses to pay to be a member of a marketing roundtable that meets monthly. His membership, now going on two years, allows him the opportunity to “step outside of my typical thought pattern and get new ideas from different people. The difference in perspectives can be quite refreshing.”

Even the brightest of marketers, like Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs, believe in these opportunities for growth. As industry leaders, the Profs team strives to maintain a level of expertise in the industry by talking and meeting with those behind the brands.

She says, “Marketing (and business) moves at a pretty fast pace these days. As brands, we have to keep up — not just because you want to stay relevant, but because you have a rich opportunity to use new tools and techniques to reach your intended audience.”

What You Can Do About It

We place high value on the continuing education of our team, and provide a variety of events specific to digital media to assist others in connecting, learning, and growing. If you’re looking for a new opportunity to discuss social media and putting together a strategy for success, consider joining us in Des Moines, Madison, or Omaha for our Social Strategy Boot Camp. Not only will you leave with a new network of connections, you’ll also have a plan you can put in place with your team.

Again, we’ll leave it to an expert: “Why wouldn’t you learn about new ways of engagement? New ways of connecting? In our newly social world, we all have both an imperative and an opportunity, and it’s up to all of us to make the most of it.” Well said, Ann.

How much of an emphasis are you putting on your continuing education? Are social media events a part of your training and development efforts?

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