The History of Lead Generation (Infographic)

August 22, 2013

lead generation

While technology has changed considerably over the past few decades, the basics of marketing have not. In a new infographic from our friends at GroSocial, we can see that the marketing aspect of lead generation has been around in many forms for centuries.

As marketers, this shows us that while our tools change, the job itself remains the same. By reviewing the key metrics that move the needle for your business — sales, relationships, loyalty — we can continue to generate leads regardless of the medim.


What did you think of GroSocial’s history project? What could your brand be doing differently for lead generation?

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Macy Koch
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is the Marketing Manager at Barefoot Books. As an innovative marketer and entrepreneur, she can spot opportunities to strengthen brands and businesses alike. She’s been quoted in Fast Company and has been called “the bees-knees” by Foursquare founder, Dennis Crowley.