Faster Than Normal Branding with Peter Shankman

September 11, 2017

peter shankman on brand

“There’s a common theme to everything I do — I create content that helps people.” And Peter Shankman does just a few things as an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and thought leader on topics ranging from public relations, customer service, and working with ADHD. He’s also this week’s guest on the On Brand podcast.

About Peter Shankman

Peter Shankman is an entrepreneur, CEO, runner, skydiver, podcaster, Ironman Triathlete, and most importantly, a dad. He’s the founder of ShankMinds: Breakthrough, a private, online entrepreneur community with hundreds of members around the world. He’s perhaps best known for founding Help a Reporter Out, the largest source repository in the world, which fundamentally changed how journalists source their stories. His customer service and social media clients have included Re/Max, NBC/Universal, American Express, NBC, Universal, E Entertainment, Sprint, the US Department of Defense, Royal Bank of Canada, Saudi Aramco, Snapple, Walt Disney World, and many others.

Peter is the author of five books, including his most recent best seller, Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans, and the upcoming Faster Than Normal: Turbocharge Your Focus, Productivity, and Success with the Secrets of the ADHD Brain (Tarcher Perigee, 2017) Peter also hosts the top-rated Faster Than Normal Podcast, helping people understand that ADD and ADHD is a gift, not a curse. He’s based in NYC.

Episode Highlights

On building a personal brand with diverse areas of focus: “I’m very lucky to do things that I like to do. Someone told me earlier in my career that you have to earn money to enjoy the time you’re not working. That sounded crazy.”

Shankman frequently appears on cable news talking about President Trump’s personal brand. His take? “You can get a lot of people to look at you by jumping up and down. Eventually, it’s misdirection.”

When is a new project — like Shankman’s Faster Than Normal podcast and book — a stand-alone brand? “I let my audience do that. I learned from HARO that the audience will tell you what to do. I care about what I am building and how I can help people.”

What brand has made Peter smile recently? “The Royal Mansour in Morocco. I have no status, no points.” Which made their customer service win even bigger.

To learn more, go to,, and the Faster Than Normal podcast.

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