Commentary on the (Ad) Game

February 5, 2010


On Super Bowl Sunday just as much action happens during the commercial breaks as it does on the field. Both Dean and I will have Super Bowl ad commentary available via our respective media. During the game, I’ll provide color commentary on the ads in real time on Twitter like last year. If you want to join or follow the larger Twitter conversation around the Super Bowl, use the hashtag #SB44. On Monday, Dean will offer a post-game ad wrap-up on 1700 The Champ’s “Out of Bounds” with Larry Cotlar, The Round Guy, & Andy Garman for those of you in the listening area. Also be sure to check out YouTube’s Super Bowl Ad Blitz where you can view all of the ads and vote on a fan favorite. Ready? BREAK!

Dean’s Favorite: Telaflora’s “Talking Flowers”

“In what may be considered a somewhat lackluster year for Super Bowl commercials, I thought there were a few bright spots.  The Bud series was very entertaining.  I also gave high marks to the Snickers/Betty White spot, the E-trade Milkaholic Girlfriend, and also to Punxsutawney Polamalu.  However, I thought someone who made the best use of their advertising dollar was Teleflora.  The spot was entertaining, immediately creating a villain and a heroine – it told a story and made a strong point.  Most of all, which other Super Bowl advertiser will feel as much instant impact from their investment?  With Valentines Day just a week away, Teleflora will know immediately if their Super Bowl effort was truly effective.” – DHW

Nick’s Favorite: Google’s “Parisian Love”

“Often it seems that TV ads — especially Super Bowl ads — showcase creativity for creativity‘s sake. And while that works on occasion it shouldn’t be the norm. The goal of any ad is to build the brand and sell product. This simple story-driven ad from Google does just that while driving home their brand’s very personal connection to our lives’ decisions.” – NHW

To catch up on the Twitter conversation, check out the hashtag #brandbowl. You can listen to or download Dean’s post-game summary from 1700 The Champ here.

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