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July 28, 2014

Social Media Strategy

Avoid Black Hat Social Media

avoid black hat social media

Recently a media outlet phoned me wanting my opinion on a practice they’d gotten wind of — insurance agents using social media sites like Facebook to spy on their customers’ lives so they can adjust their rates based on what …

April 7, 2014

Social Media Strategy

5 Ethics Tips to Remember for Your Brand’s Social Media

Technology is at our fingertips nearly every second of the day. More powerful than ever before, we are able to share, comment, like and follow postings with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger. All are …

February 19, 2014

Social Media Strategy

Real Time Marketing Is Missing the Point

What began with Oreo’s now famous play during Super Bowl XLVII has become a real time marketing craze – a relentless pursuit by brands to capitalize on an engaged audience and maximize earned impressions. 

December 30, 2013

Social Media Strategy

21 Experts on Which 2014 Social Media Trends to Watch

2014 social media trends

With another year behind us and a new year on the horizon, digital marketers are looking ahead with excitement. As new technology, tools, and trends emerge, we thought it might be useful to ask some of the industry’s brightest thought …

December 18, 2013

Social Media Strategy

4 Non-Profit Social Media Tips

non profit social media

As an employee of a non-profit organization, we often wonder how to build the social media audience we want, when we don’t have a product to sell. We envy the retailers, manufacturers, and restaurants for the ease of their social …

October 21, 2013

Social Media Strategy

Social Media As a Lead Generation Machine

social media lead generation

You’ve heard it before: social media networks are a marketing platform that provide an opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers. And you may have questioned how to turn those engaging conversations into dollar signs. You’re in luck. In …

October 7, 2013

Social Media Strategy

Social Media’s Chicken and Egg Dilemma

social media chicken and egg

When it comes to social media, many marketers unwittingly end up in a paradox of circular thinking. How often have you heard – or perhaps even said yourself – something like the following, “Our current social media efforts aren’t working. …

September 2, 2013

Social Media Strategy

Why Your Brand Shouldn’t Fear Negative Comments and Content

negative comments

Someone wrote something bad on our Facebook page! Delete it quick! Does this sound familiar? While many love how easy social media has made it for brands to talk to their communities of customers and fans, they often have mixed …

August 15, 2013

Social Media Strategy

How to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar

social media editorial calendar

Is your brand new to social media? Are you looking for a way to add purpose to your content? An editorial calendar may be your solution. Whether you’re planning communications for a large corporation or a small non-profit organization, there …