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July 23, 2014

Social Spotlight

Social Media Image Size Blueprint: Facebook & Twitter

social image sizing

With images becoming more and more central on social networks, it’s hard for brands to ignore this visual shift online. Cover photos, header images, timeline previews, and more on almost every social platform offer tremendous opportunities for marketers. To take advantage of this visual revolution …

July 21, 2014

Social Spotlight

Facebook Business Best Practices from Facebook Fit

facebook fit

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Facebook Fit event in Chicago. Designed to help small businesses use Facebook to drive success and growth, this event drew a varied crowd, from established business owners to emerging startups to entrepreneurs with …

May 21, 2014

Social Spotlight

The Fate of Google+: Rounding Up the Best Theories

google plus fate

Last month’s announcement of shake-ups in Google’s structure has the industry doing a collective head scratch over what Google is up to, particularly whether or not it spells the end of the Google+ social network. And, while none of us …

April 16, 2014

Social Spotlight

Which Brands Rule Twitter (Infographic)

twitter infographic

The ability to engage your audience, interact with your clients (and your peers) and even generate leads in less than 140 characters is practically an art form. It may seem like an impossible task, but there are plenty of top …

March 17, 2014

Social Spotlight

Is Snapchat Worth Your Time?

snapchat for brands

If there’s one thing that the marketers I’ve spoken with over the past couple of months have most frequently asked, it’s, “Should we care about Snapchat?” It’s easy to go with the stock answer that today we all need to …

February 28, 2014

Social Spotlight

How to Fix Your Next Facebook Contest

facebook contest

For years, Facebook did not allow brands to host promotions and contests on their timelines (or walls, as they used to known as.) But after a few changes to Facebook’s page terms in late 2013, brands have been hosting contests …

January 13, 2014

Social Spotlight

Early Thoughts on Jelly and What It Could Mean for Your Brand

By now, you’ve probably at least heard of Jelly, the social Q&A app launched by Twitter Co-Founder, Biz Stone last week. Some have said it’s Instagram meets Quora as this mobile app allows people to pose a question with a picture …

December 16, 2013

Social Spotlight

What the New Facebook Algorithm Really Means for Your Brand

facebook news feed algorithm

Has an angry social media marketer recently lost it in front of you? Do they look like they sat on something sharp? Allow me to explain. Recently Facebook changed their news feed algorithm and the digital “fit hit the shan” …

November 21, 2013

Social Spotlight

5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Facebook Posts

facebook posts

You may not know it, but you could be committing some of the worst online offenses every day on Facebook when you’re sharing content via links. These mistakes can result in your customers not clicking or interacting. They can also …

September 26, 2013

Social Spotlight

Foursquare Invites You to Follow in Breaking Bad’s Footsteps

breaking bad foursquare

The epic series finale of Breaking Bad is near and fans are waiting in anticipation to see how the series will draw to a close. While Sunday’s episode marks the end of the AMC drama, fans will now have the …