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Kary Delaria

December 14, 2016

Social Media Strategy

Where Should You Focus Your Social Media Marketing?

During the Birds of a Feather discussion on social media marketing at this year’s Social Brand Forum, I was asked … If you could recommend one social media platform a company could use, which one would it be? And, secondarily, does social media …

Kary Delaria

August 31, 2016

Customer Service

Customer Centricity Isn’t a Policy — It’s a Culture

customer centricity

Customer service demands online and offline have forever changed as a result of our always-on, everyone’s-a-publisher model. All the world’s a stage and how (or if) brands respond to customer complaints or even challenging questions is a critical component to reputation management. …

Kary Delaria

June 22, 2016

Marketing Integration

Happy Chickens: The Missing Ingredient in Integrated Marketing

happy chickens

Developing an integrated marketing strategy is no small feat. It often involves breaking down barriers between teams to identify and agree upon a common goal. But, that’s only the beginning. A common goal does not an integrated strategy make. Integrating …

Kary Delaria

October 14, 2015


How to Make the Most Out of Conference Attendance

conference attendance

Social Brand Forum 2015 is happening TOMORROW and whether you’re able to join us or not, we thought it’d be a good time to offer tips for getting the most out of attending a conference. 

Kary Delaria

July 22, 2015

Customer Service

Employee Brand Ambassadors: Strengthening Customer Service

customer service

The lines between customer experience and marketing are becoming increasingly blurred, most notably in interactions on social media. As marketers, we might think the space is best used for brand storytelling or lead generation. However, if your organization is also using …

Kary Delaria

May 27, 2015

Social Media Strategy

Social Listening by Geolocation: Are You Listening to Your Customers?

social listening

In the early days of social listening, typical practice centered around monitoring keywords pertinent to your brand, products, or competitors. This gave marketers a glimpse of how their customers or potential customers referred to the product. But what are your customers …

Kary Delaria

March 18, 2015

Community Management

How Your Fans Can Help Tell Your Brand’s Story

part of your story

I’ve watched a certain Matt Nathanson concert video several times since first stumbling across it on Facebook. And every time I do, I have the same reaction. I actually feel the synergy between him and his audience. It makes me want …

Kary Delaria

February 4, 2015


Don’t Overlook What’s Underneath Your Fancy Social Content

social content

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.” – Mark Twain “The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or in the way she combs her …

Kary Delaria

October 29, 2014

Social Spotlight

3 New Twitter Features You Need to Know About

twitter features

Twitter has been rolling out some significant changes lately and, to be frank, a few of them have me worried that Twitter is going to suck, but before I rush to judgement as a user of the platform, I’ll put on …