Email Marketing & Website Development

Your website is your brand’s hub online while email marketing is the digital glue that connects you to your customers’ inbox. The Brand Driven team can help you build both.

Website Development

As our brands are articulated across more digital touch points it is essential for organizations to have a strong online hub as well. Our innovative web team works to create easy-to-use yet remarkable brand experiences through a mix of open-source such as WordPress and other customized technologies. The result? Dynamic, accessible websites, microsites, and blogs.

Email Marketing

Monthly emails are a great way to keep your brand in front of your community. We are proud of our email design and development work as it is highly customized and provides engaging stories and a rich experience in-line with the client’s brand.

Fees: Custom email and website estimates are provided by project. Typically we charge for website development and updates as needed. We do not charge an on-going monthly fee if no additional work is done on the site.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Contact us to set up a discovery session online or in person (depending on location) and we can get started.