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By Sara O'Brien on May 12, 2014


Why You Need to Remember Customer Appreciation Online

customer appreciation

It’s not a secret, it’s human nature — people like to feel appreciated. They want to know that what they do is valued and that they are cared about. So the question is, how have you made your customers feel appreciated?

Social media is a unique two-way communications channel that enables customers to connect with brands instantaneously. Whether this connection is in the form of a tweet, Facebook post, Instagram picture, or other shared content on social media, brands have opportunities to directly communicate with their customers. It’s important that companies embrace customer appreciation online for the following reasons:

1. Customer Service

Many consumers turn to social media to voice issues they may have experienced with a particular company. As a brand’s social media manager, your immediate gut reaction might be to delete the tweet, comment, or post. Although this may seem like a good idea to hold up your company’s squeaky clean social profiles, this does not solve the customer’s issue.

sara weddingYou’ve also missed an opportunity to show other followers what a customer service experience is like with your company. Take advantage of a negative tweet or comment about your brand to positively influence the follower or politely delve deeper into the issues they might be experiencing. Make sure you connect with the user again after the issue has been solved.

When it’s a good mention or comment, make sure it still gets acknowledged, even if it is simply with a like or favorite, don’t let it go unnoticed. A customer that feels appreciated feels good and a customer who feels good is more likely to bring you up in conversation and refer someone to you.

For example, while planning my wedding, I have interacted with several brands on both good and bad occasions. Every brand that responded in a positive way, even with just a like or favorite, has been passed on to others I work with. The fact that they will take the time to recognize me and the event in my life made me feel appreciated and gave me the ‘warm fuzzies’ about their brand that I wanted to pass on.

scratch2. Content

Interacting with customers becomes an extra content source for your brand. Your customers are constantly creating content, whether it’s an image or just text, it can be used very easily or through a retweet or share. By using a customer’s content they again get the sense of appreciation. And they’re more likely to continue to interact with a brand that is willing to share the content they create.

Scratch Cupcakery does a good job sharing content from their followers as well as balancing it in with their own content.

3. Brand Personality

A final reason to reach out and make a connection is to show you are listening and to show the personal side of your brand. Customers want to feel the connection and being a brand that is willing to be human and express thoughts other than just push marketing will have a better relationship with their followers.

Take the time to comment when you can, even making a joke or relating to what your customer is saying creates a connection and the sense that your brand is there for them.


In Summary …

… make your customer feel appreciated. Respond. In both good and bad times, they want to know you care. Letting them know that you listened and appreciated them enough to respond is all it takes to start a word of mouth reaction. Show them that what they create matters, be willing to share their content, and remember to be personable and show the human side of the brand.

As always, being timely on social media is key. Don’t wait for days or weeks after a customer contacts you to respond. Do it right away. If you wait too long, their initial thought is lost and they will not feel the same appreciation as they would if it is done in a timely manner.

How are you acknowledging your customers’ moments online?

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