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Sara O'Brien

By Sara O'Brien on May 12, 2014

Community Management

Why You Need to Remember Customer Appreciation Online

customer appreciation

It’s not a secret, it’s human nature — people like to feel appreciated. They want to know that what they do is valued and that they are cared about. So the question is, how have you made your customers feel …

Sara O'Brien

By Sara O'Brien on September 5, 2013

Social Media Integration

4 Steps to Leveraging Customer Reviews Online

customer reviews

Shopping online can be a bit nerve wracking — you can’t see or touch the product and you don’t get to meet a service provider in person. Before the online market hit, word-of-mouth referrals from personal acquaintances helped consumers make …

Sara O'Brien

By Sara O'Brien on June 17, 2013

Content Marketing

How to Create an Infographic

how to make an infographic

As 65% of Americans are visual learners, you may want to consider how your brand is appealing to them. Images alone are nice, but do they provide solid information and facts in an engaging way? Why not represent your brand …

Sara O'Brien

By Sara O'Brien on March 28, 2013

Content Marketing

White Paper vs. eBook: What’s Best for Your Brand?

ebook vs white paper

Are you trying to increase your organization’s content marketing beyond blogs and social media posts? Perhaps it’s time to get a bit more in depth with a white paper or eBook. But how do you know which one of these …

Sara O'Brien

By Sara O'Brien on March 4, 2013

Social Business

A Closer Look at Social Media Policy

social media policy

Social media is ever changing — a new filter here, a new app there, and so on. However, these constant changes coupled with the medium’s broad accessibility makes keeping organizational rules, regulations, and social media policy up to date a …