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By Sara O'Brien on November 4, 2015


6 Strategies to Humanize Your Digital Marketing

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People connect with people. There is more connection and trust between two people then there are between a business and a person. So how can you convey the human side of your business through your brand’s digital marketing? As we learned from Mark Schaefer at Social Brand Forum 2015, “Be more human, it’s not rocket science.”

Okay, it isn’t rocket science, but it’s not necessarily a piece of cake either. Let’s look at some concrete strategies to help make your brand’s digital marketing feel more human by creating a connection and relationship with your followers.

1. Drop the Corporate Speak

While it’s great that your corporation has it’s own lingo, be leery of internal corporate speak in your external communications. Your customers and followers really don’t care. To them that canned language is boring and doesn’t make sense. If you’re seeing more likes from internal people than the rest of your followers, that internal voice might be seeping out in your external content. Remember to speak in the language of your customers.

2. Don’t Be a Walking Sales Pitch

Cool! You have a sale going on or you added a new product to your line-up. While this will get some engagement, your followers will get annoyed if all you ever do is offer deals or talk about yourself. Sure they want to know when a sale is happening but this is not a recipe for ongoing engagement. Focus on helping them solve the problems they have. While this may lead to them buying something from you eventually, it starts by offering them more than just a sales pitch. This is how you build trusting relationships online and off.

3. Ask Questions

Engage your followers in a conversation. Ask them questions to get them talking to you. It helps you get to know them for future content (i.e. the questions you can answer in the future) and shows them that you are interested in their answers and in having a bigger, more human conversation.

4. Respond to Questions or Comments

If you ask questions, make sure you’re listening to their responses and also responding yourself. Whether they’re asking questions, making comments about your product, or responding to your questions, make it known you heard them. Like, favorite, respond, and open up for a real human-to-human conversation.

5. Show Your Employees

Whether it’s through pictures or simple one-minute videos where an employee introduces themselves or gives followers a tip or tells a joke, show your audience that your team members have personalities. When your online community gets to know your employees, they’ll feel even closer to your brand and the humans behind it.

6. Admit Mistakes

If you make an error in your social media post — whether simple spelling or a timing slip-up — admit it! Humans make mistakes. It happens. Deleting your mistakes without comment shows you aren’t willing to admit it happened while taking your brand’s humanity out of the equation.

Schaefer was right, it’s not rocket science. It’s thinking like a human. You do it daily, why not bring that into your brand’s content? Show that you have a personal side — that you want to engage with your followers and create relationships that last beyond the basic transaction.

How do you showcase your brand’s human side? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

Sara O'Brien
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is a Marketing Campaign Strategist at AgencyBloc. She holds a BA from Central College, an MBA from the University of Iowa and enjoys expanding her digital and social media marketing knowledge.